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30 Great Ways to Reply to “What’s up”

30 Great Ways to Reply to “What’s up”

Starting a conversation can be pretty tough especially when talking to a stranger, acquaintance, or coworker.

However, some common phrases such as ‘What’s up?’ and ‘How’s it going?’ help you keep a chat going. 

While these questions are quite easy and famous, knowing how to respond to them is the real trick.

It can lighten a situation or make things tense.

So, what do you really say when someone asks ‘What’s up?’ How do you know what to say to a spouse, friend, colleague, or stranger? Let’s find out!


30 Ways to Reply to What’s Up

  1. Just the usual, and you?
  2. Having a great day, what about you? 
  3. Same old, same old
  4. Ah, can’t complain
  5. My rent!
  6. That’s for me to know and you to find out!
  7. Oh, you Know…shrug
  8. My blood pressure!
  9. Just found out-I’m scr**ed!
  10. It sure isn’t my salary! 
  11. I’m hanging in there, it has been a tough week.
  12. Counting hours till the weekend
  13. All good, you? 
  14. All that should, did you hear about my salary raise?
  15. Nothing much, you tell?
  16. Nothing special, what about you? 
  17. Me! I’ve been up since 5 am today.
  18. Hey, I’m a little busy. Will update you later.
  19. Not a thing but a chicken wing.
  20. The Sky! 
  21. Don’t ask! 
  22. Not so great. You tell? 
  23. Nothing too great. But the day is young. 
  24. It could be worse. 
  25. Not all that bad. And you? 
  26. Life’s good. All well with you?
  27. My serotonin levels now that I’ve seen you. 
  28. My anxiety levels. 
  29. The ceiling. 
  30. Living the dream, you? 



1. Just the usual, and you?

Let’s start off with the most basic answer- ‘just the usual, and you?’ This indicates that you are interested in the conversation and plan to lead it on.

It is a decent response that you can use for almost anyone-family, friends, coworkers, and even colleagues. 

Answers like this help keep conversations casual without going into much detail.

However, if you’re talking to a close relative or friend and want to sound more enthusiastic, look for another, better response. Let’s look at a short conversation between Mary and Lucas with this phrase:

Lucas: Hey, what’s up?

Mary: Just the usual, work and assignments. You tell?

Lucas: I’m busy with the same stuff too.


2. Having a great day, what about you?

An enthusiastic yet friendly response to ‘what’s up?’ is ‘having a great day, and you?’ This shows you’re in a good, cheerful mood and also want to know about the other person’s day.

You can use this with friends and relatives, and even colleagues if you have a good relationship with them. 

Another advantage for this is that you can impress your conversation buddy with this answer since it indicates you’re happy, approachable, and interested in how their day is going.

This can also lighten things in an otherwise tense situation without seeming too cheerful. An example for this phrase is:

Peter: Hey, what’s up? Where have you been?

Angela: Hello. I’m having a great day, thank you very much. Just here and there, and you?


3. Same old, same old

Not everybody is cheerful at all times, and that’s okay. If you’re in a somewhat dull mood or simply don’t feel like expressing much, just use this response- ‘same old, same old.’

While it may sound a little dry to the listener, it can also pique interest.

They may want to know what it is that’s bothering you, or end up in a short, quick conversation. 

The best time to use this is when talking to a family member or friend who knows your routine and does not mind a tedious reply.

It can also work when you’re trying to avoid or hurry a dialogue with an acquaintance or colleague.

However, if you want to seem interesting, especially when talking to a crush or person of interest, try avoiding this response. 

Marcel: Hello, what’s up?

Daniel: Oh, you know, same old, same old. And you?


4. Ah, can’t complain

Another decent response to ‘what’s up?’ is ‘Ah, can’t complain.’ This shows you’re not in too much of a cheerful mood; however, there’s no unnecessary complaining from your side either.

It means things can be better, but you are managing well with whatever that’s going on. 

This can be used when speaking to family, friends, or even strangers. It gives away very little information but shows you’re not a bellyacher, or as some might say, crybaby

Steve: Hey, Valerie! What’s up?

Valerie: Umm hey! Ah, can’t complain. I guess all is well. 


5. My rent!

Want to sound funny and have a seemingly effortless conversation? Reply with ‘my rent!’ when someone asks ‘what’s up?’ and your rent really is increasing.

This will lead to more questions from your conversationalist, ultimately resulting in a longer conversation. 

However, be careful about who you use this phrase with as it may be personal or something you would only like good fellows to know.

Such responses lighten the mood and also show you’re an easygoing individual. 

Pete: Yo, Kevin! What’s up?

Kevin: Hi, Peta. The only thing that seems to be going up lately is my rent! You tell, what’s new?


6. That’s for me to know and you to find out!

Now while this may sound like a casual phrase, it is a little risky. It can be used in two ways and with only a limited number of people.

Make use of it only when talking to someone you’re well familiar with and know won’t get offended. They should know you’re only joking and don’t mean harm. 

On the other hand, you can say ‘that’s for me to know and you to find out’ when in no mood to talk or want to avoid a conversation with perhaps a not-so-friendly coworker. 

Angie: Hey, Isabelle! What’s up? Anything new?

Isabelle: That’s something for me to know and you to find out, buddy!


7. Oh, you know…shrug

Don’t feel like talking or explaining? No problem. Use this response when someone asks, ‘what’s up?’

It does not sound rude and also indicates that you’re in no mood to have a long conversation. You can use this when you’re low, exhausted, or simply want to end a conversation quickly. 

Alyssa: Hi, Cathie! What’s up?

Cathie: Oh, you know…shrug. Nothing new. 


8. My blood pressure!

One of the funniest responses when you’re in middle age or when you want to express anger at someone is ‘my blood pressure!’

This points out either of the two things. First, you are actually sick and your blood pressure is rising.

Second, you’re offended by someone, which has your blood pressure rising and want to share it with your conversation buddy. 

Anthony: What’s up, Dana? Are you good?

Dana: My blood pressure is what’s up! I am so done with our neighbor’s obnoxious behavior. 

Another scenario is:

Anthony: Yo, what’s up?

Dana: I’m pretty sure my blood pressure. Let me go find my medicine. 


9. Just found out-I’m scr**ed!

Not everything has to sound happy and cheerful all the time. You can have a bad day and share it with your friends and family with such responses.

If you’ve just found out you are in trouble for something and plan to explain it to your friends briefly or in detail, use ‘just found out-I’m screwed.’ 

If your conversation buddy is interested and as good of a friend as you expect, they will most definitely want to know more about your despair.

Use this phrase with a good friend or colleague for a good, light chat. 

Rolf: Hey, Christine. You seem distressed. What’s up?

Christine: I just found out-I’m scr**ed. The boss needs me to complete 8 reports in one day. How am I supposed to get through this now?

Rolf: Don’t fret. I’ll help you.


10. It sure isn’t my salary!

While we’re on the topic of coworkers and bosses, let’s discuss another funny yet serious response to ‘what’s up?’

You can say ‘it sure isn’t my salary, unfortunately!’ in cases when your salary hasn’t actually gone up. Who wouldn’t like their salary to go up as often as someone asks what’s up?

However, this isn’t possible practically. But don’t lose hope, and don’t forget to complain about it to your friends! After all, hard work should pay off at some point.

Annabelle: Hi, all good? What’s up?

Catherine: It sure isn’t my salary! When will it be my day? God! I need a raise, Annabelle. 

The Best Replies to What's Up

11. I’m hanging in there, it has been a tough week.

We all know those days, and sometimes weeks, when unfavorable things keep happening one after the other.

You expect things to change, but all you get are problems occurring simultaneously. When in such a situation, you may answer with ‘I’m hanging in there, it has been a tough week.’

Use this when talking to a good friend or family member. They may ask you further questions or leave you to it if you don’t feel like explaining. 

Lucas: Hey, Noah! What’s up, you seem tired?

Noah: Oh, Lucas. I’m hanging in there. It has been a tough week. 

Lucas: I hope you figure it out soon.


12. Counting hours till the weekend.

Who does not love a fun, lazy, or party weekend after a long, seemingly endless work week?

We are all guilty of counting days till the off-days arrive when there’s no need to set an alarm for the next day. This is a fun answer you can use for coworkers and friends.

George: Hey, Isla! What’s up? You’re coming to the party, right?

Isla: Oh, yes! I’m counting hours till the weekend! So excited.


13. All good, and you?

A very nice and casual response for a question like ‘what’s up?’ is ‘all good, and you?’

It shows you’re an optimistic, relaxed kind of person who is thankful for all that’s going on.

On the contrary, you can also use it when you need to get out of a conversation or don’t have much time to explain.

It is an appropriate response when talking to just about anyone, including friends and acquaintances.

Oliver: Hi, what’s up? Anything new?

Ava: All good, Oliver, and you?


14. All that should, did you hear about my salary raise?

After all the sweat and tears, it’s okay to show it off sometimes if you get a promotion.

If a colleague asks what’s up and you want to share the good news, respond with ‘all that should, did you hear about my salary raise/promotion?’ 

This may sound like bragging; however, as long as it’s the answer you give to a close friend or an annoying colleague, all is well. 

Harry: Hi, Grace. What’s up? You’re beaming ear to ear.

Grace: Hey, Harry! Luckily, all that should, did you hear about my salary raise?

Harry: Oh, great! Congratulations! 


15. Nothing much, you tell?

Perhaps the most common response to this question is ‘nothing much, you tell?’ It may be used when you’re occupied or in no mood to explain your situation.

This is often used when communicating with a somewhat formal friend or in an unusual setting.

The reply ‘you tell?’ indicates you’re interested to know about their day, even if you don’t want to share much about yourself. 

Lucas: Hello, Scottie! What’s up?

Scottie: Hey, nothing much, you tell? Anything good?


16. Nothing special, what about you?

Another casual response for ‘what’s up?’ is ‘nothing special, what about you?’

This is a good way to give away limited information while simultaneously inquiring about the other person’s day. You can use it informally as well as in a more professional setting. 

Another appropriate time to use this is when you don’t feel like talking, but don’t want to come off as rude or ignorant.

It shows that you have nothing out of the ordinary going on for you; however, you’d like to know if your conversation buddy has something discussion-worthy to tell.

Lucas: Hey, Evelyn! What’s up? 

Evelyn: Hi, Lucas. Nothing special, you tell? Any new news?


17. Me, I’ve been up since 5 am today!

Exhausted, or simply need a break from everything and want to express it? Reply with ‘me, I’m up since 5 am today’ when someone asks you about your day. It is a funny response and something to keep the conversation going. 

It can be used when talking to a good friend or colleague who knows your tough work schedule. It is most definitely a sarcastic response and doesn’t come off as offensive or unpleasant. 

Daniel: Hi, all good? What’s up, huh?

Emma: Me! I’ve been up since 5 am today, running here and there. When oh when will this tough routine end?


18. Hey, I’m a little busy. Will update you later!

There is absolutely no harm in delaying a conversation if you’re busy or occupied with something important.

If a friend or colleague is asking what you’re up to, politely respond with ‘hey, I’m a little busy. Will update you later!’

Such responses are much better than giving an impromptu or curt response, which may impact your relationship negatively with your friend or colleague.

Talk whenever you’re free so that you can also have a nice, relaxed conversation to freshen up.

Marcel: Hey, Sofia! You seem in a hurry. What’s up?

Sofia: Hey. Listen, I’m a little busy. Will update you later, okay? 

Marcel: Sure. Catch you later.


19. Not a thing but a chicken wing!

Some may already be familiar with this phrase. For those who’re unsure, this was a popular response mostly used by actors decades ago when they were asked what’s up.

It is a funny reply that shows the user is in a good, carefree mood and interested in taking the conversation further. 

It doesn’t make much sense to many, but rhymes and has gained widespread popularity over time.

Use it with friends to make them laugh or simply confuse them for a few moments. 

Christopher: Yo, Adeline. How’s it going? What’s up?

Adeline: Oh, I’ll tell you what’s up! Not a thing but a chicken wing.

Christopher: Ha-ha, what? 

Adeline: Oh, mister modern, it is a saying from the old, classic times.


20. The Sky! 

Now, this can either be the reason for a good laugh or a good, friendly punch, depending on the type of person you’re talking to.

For the former, your friend will most likely respond with an even funnier phrase, while in the latter state, you will probably be asked to look for a better response. 

It’s best that you use this phrase when talking to friends only.

However, if you’re in a daring mood and use it in an office space, nobody but you are responsible for the consequences. 

Jeff: Hey, what’s up?

Sarah: The sky! 

Jeff: Really, Sarah? The sky?

Sarah: Well, it’s up, isn’t it? I’m not wrong, you know. 

Jeff: Eyeroll


21. Don’t ask! 

Having a bad day? Everything seems to be out of proportion and going out of your hands?

One way to make it better is to share your feelings with a friend or a loved one.

Ensure that you use ‘don’t ask’ with someone who knows you well enough to understand you’re not being offensive. 

Such responses lead to more questions from your conversation buddy, who will most likely be intrigued by what has you so worked up.

You can either explain what’s bothering you or simply say you’ll catch up with them later with all the details. 

Reto: Hello, Sadie. What’s up? You seem stressed.

Sadie: Don’t ask! Nothing is going my way today!

Reto: Do you want to talk about it?

Sadie: Give me an hour and I’ll break it down to you.


22. Not so great. You tell?

Another way to express your not-so-good mood is to dead right tell the day is not going too great.

When a friend you know well asks what’s up, tell them ‘not so great. You tell?’ They may tell you something that cheers you up or distracts you from your worries temporarily. 

Conor: Hey, what’s up, my friend?

Elena: To be honest, not so great, Conor. You tell? Give me some good news.


23. Nothing too great. But the day is young!

It is okay to be down and gloomy; however, it’s not okay to remain sad and gloomy.

One of the best ways to get through troubling times is to stay positive and look forward to better things. This will not only cheer you up, but also give hope to your listeners. 

Jack: Hello, Gabriella. You look a little sad. What’s up? Want to talk about it?

Gabriella: Nothing too great. But the day is young and so am I. Thanks for asking, Jack! 

Jeff: I’m always a message away.


24. It could be worse.

There’s no harm in admitting that sometimes life tests one’s patience.

If your day is going not as well as you’d like but you still think you’ll manage to get through, respond with ‘it could be worse’ when someone asks you what’s up. 

Gabriel: Hey, Naomi. All good? What’s up?

Naomi: It could be worse, honestly. But overall, all is well. I’ll get through. 


25. Not all that bad. And you?

For the normal, slow days, responses like ‘not all that bad. And you?’ are good options.

The question at the end shows interest in the other person’s life as well. when conversing with a friend, colleague, or acquaintance, you can use this. 

Bernard: Hi, Eva. What’s up with you these days?

Eva: Not all that bad. And you?


26. Life’s good. All well with you?

There are bad days and there are good days. For the latter, use phrases like ‘life’s good. All well with you?’

This accurately describes your situation and also satisfies your listener. The second part encourages your friend to share their feelings as well.

Dana: Anthony, my friend, what’s up?

Anthony: Dana, life’s good. All well with you? Tell me what’s going on?


27. My serotonin levels now that I’ve seen you.

One of the smoothest responses, especially when talking to your crush or person of interest, is ‘My serotonin levels now that I’ve seen you.’

It is a somewhat flirtatious answer but can also be used when conversing with friends. 

Serotonin is a chemical released in the brain when a person is happy. Thus, this phrase will have your listener laughing and impressed with your wittiness. 

Peter: Hello, beautiful. What’s up?

Hailey: Certainly, my serotonin levels now that I’ve seen you. 

Peter: Wow, that was smooth. 


28. My anxiety levels.

Unfortunately, anxiety is an unavoidable problem in the current world. What makes it bearable and better is sharing your problems with a genuine friend.

If you want to express you’re stressed out, but also want to keep the mood light, respond with ‘my anxiety levels’ when asked what’s up.

Charles: Hey, Penelope. What’s up?

Penelope: Honestly, my anxiety levels.

Charles: Oh, no. Do you want to talk about it?

Penelope: Yes, please. Let me make us some hot cocoa and we’ll talk.


29. The Ceiling

Another humorous response to ‘what’s up?’ is ‘the ceiling.’ If not a belly laugh, this response will surely earn you a smile from your friend or loved one.

Use it with people you’re comfortable with to avoid awkward situations.

Francis: Hey, what’s up?

Bella: The ceiling! That’s what’s up.

Francis: Ha-ha, Bella. You’re not wrong though.


30. Living the dream, you?

Let’s end this list on a good note and add a cheerful response to your knowledge for ‘what’s up?’

Reply with ‘living the dream, you?’ even if you’re not actually living the dream. It comes off as casual and light-hearted, and so, makes a good answer when talking to your loved ones. 

Khabib: Hey, Avery. What’s up? All good?

Avery: Hey, Khabib. Just living the dream, you?

Khabib: All good on my side too.



Knowing how to respond when someone says Hi is important for personality development.

Starting a conversation the right way can help give you the confidence boost you need and make new friends no matter where you are. 

We hope you now have enough variety in your arsenal to respond just the way you want when someone says What’s Up to you.

We’re rooting for you!